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Creating a Club Booking

Once you’re logged into the dashboard, Click the “Bookings” option in the top left corner of the page. You’ll see a list of existing events on the left-hand side, you can use the filtering and search options at the top to refine these. On the right, you will see the data for the event you’ve selected.

Let’s start from scratch, click the Create Event button to begin creating your next club booking. You’ll a list of sessions, times, capacities and prices handy for this.

Building the Event

The Event builder is conveniently split into 3 steps, Basic Details, Sessions and Parents. The first step is where we will fill in some basic event information such as the title and description that will display to parents in the app. Next, we should set the type of event to club to Club and set our start dates. These will be the dates our club will run between, this could be the first and last days of half term, for example. The system will automatically work out the dates for each session in this range. The Open date for Bookings is the date it will be shown to parents from on the app. Finally, you can include an address the club takes place at and a URL link to google maps, for example.

The sessions section allows us to setup each bookable session, we can set a title, day of the week, start and end times as well as a maximum capacity. You can add as many sessions as you’d like. I’m going to create a few sessions throughout the week, I’m going to leave the title blank as the system automatically fills it in with the day of the week selected. If the club is chargeable, you can toggle the paid event option to yes, and set the price as well as providing a payment URL parents will be redirected to after booking.

Finally, the Parents section allows us to target our event, all the parents you target here will be able to view the form and make bookings. I’m just going to select all parents here, as this will be a school wide club.

Once you are happy with event, click the save button to save and publish the event.

Updated on June 3, 2021

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