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End of Year Housekeeping

End of Year Housekeeping

To prepare for the new academic year, we recommend having a tidy-up of your portal.

A good idea would be to visualise how the app will look from a parent’s perspective and what they’ll be able to see. Some of the recommendations we have are as follows:

Deleting out old content

Take a look through all the sections within your content and delete out any old information that is no longer needed or outdated, for example, Newsletters. To delete them, you can select multiple newsletters at once on the left, then click on Group Actions on the right and then Delete. You can also use the bin icon to delete individually.

Deleting old messages

Within the Messages section, select the ones you wish to remove on the left, then click on Group Actions on the right and then click Delete. You can keep in any messages that you wish to re-use.

Deleting old form data

Please export any data that you wish to keep before deleting. To export, select the form and choose whether to export as either a PDF or CSV file.

To delete, you can select the submissions by clicking on the left, then clicking on group actions and then delete.

Don’t forget to check the expired section as well.

Adding in new term dates and events

We recommend that you have next academic year’s term dates in the app running until the end of the summer term.

Within your content, you will see any upcoming term dates that have already been entered. To add in any new dates, you can use the archived section on the right. This will bring up any previous term dates you have used. From here, you can click the re-use button and amend the start date and time accordingly and click save.

For a brand-new date, please use the create new button.

This is the same process for any upcoming events you may have in school, but these can go in the events tabs.

 Checking your targeting

Within your content, you can target the information within each tab.

We recommend that you check each tab has the correct targeting.

If a tab is for the whole school, please make sure that the targeting is set to ALL USERS CAN VIEW. This will then allow any new users to see this content as well. Also check the targeted ones that they are correct, you can check this by going into the targeted users and looking at the years and class groups.

Checking useful links

Most schools have a useful links tab that either has direct links to external websites or diverts to your school website, please check that these are still relevant and delete if necessary, by pressing on the bin icon.

To add in any new links, use the create new button on the right, title the link and paste in the URL you wish to direct them to and press save.

WONDE schools

If you are a school using Wonde, then all you need to do in September is press the Wonde button within your students section. This will bring in your new students if you haven’t already done so, detect any students that have left and will automatically update the year and class groups of your students.

Non-Wonde schools

If your school does not have the Wonde integration, you can refer to our support hub where you can find video guides on how to manually promote your students.





Updated on July 6, 2021

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