Managing an Event

Once you’re logged into the dashboard, Click the “Bookings” option in the top left corner of the page. You’ll see a list of existing events on the left-hand side, you can use the filtering and search options at the top to refine these. On the right, you will see the data for the event you’ve selected.

Let’s select an event, Across the top, we can see some stats, such as how many places are available, how many bookings have been made and what the fill rate percentage is.

Below there, we have a search functionality and some filter boxes. For a club booking, we can filter by days and dates, and for an event we can filter by sessions. As you can see, the stats above update as we change our filter options.

In the table below, we can see all of the bookings that have been made. We can see the date and time, the student and parent name, parent status and the time the booking was made. You also have the option to send a reminder to all parents who have made a booking of their appointment details.

Adding a Booking

You can manually add a booking by pressing the edit button next to an event and selecting Add Booking. For a club, you can then select Session, Date and child/parent and for an event you can select session, child/parent and amount of tickets. Press save to add the booking.

Managing a Booking

You can use the More button next to any booked slot to manage a booking. You can mark as paid/unpaid if you have received payment from the parents, you can send an individual reminder to a parent (this can either be system determined or a personalised message). Sending a personalised message also allows you to choose how the notification should be sent, SMS, Email or Push notification.

You can also select the Manage Booking option to view and change the booking details. For a club booking, you can change the sessions and dates a child is booked onto as well as change the child/parent. For an event, you can change the session, child/parent and amount of tickets booked.

Finally, you can use the cancel booking option to remove the booking for that parent. They will receive a notification to let them know that their booking has been cancelled.

Exporting Booking Data

To export booking data, we first need to refine what we see in the table using the filters at the top, as this is what will be exported. Once you are happy, press the blue export button in the top right of the results table to download a csv.

Updated on June 3, 2021

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